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Beginning with nothing

Simply put - It's about time.  We've been pondering for a while how to go live with a place that isn't some hokey, bolted-on Wordpress blog to shamelessly pump our product.  There are a lot of neat things, both about our nail polish products and how to use them, but there are many more interesting stories about what it does for people.  We will focus on both here at the Acquarella inspired version of the water cooler.

Making something worthwhile to read is important so we would like to hear your feedback on topics and people you would like as guests to grace us all with some inspiration.  Let us know with our comment section below.



This is my third year using this product and I love it. I have found my own way of applying and removing it without a problem. My favorite part is that my nails look healthy again. I use to worry about my nails being too thin and easily peeling using the ‘traditional’ polishes but with Acquarella I am finally able to get them to grow nicely. Not every polish is wonderful on me but I do enjoy trying them out as I found my favorites.
I recommend this nail polish to anyone wanting a healthier choice to traditional polishes.

Posted by Kristina G. on January 14, 2018

Taking Acquarella’s Advice On Reviving Drying Nail Polish… IT WORKS! I have my favorite color and when I added a few drops of distilled water, GOOD AS NEW!!! The polish went on well and even withstood a shower and shampoo the next night. I am such a fan of this product. I can only speak of my own experiences and a year and some later, I still LOVE using this product.
Honestly, my hands are always in water (no gloves too lazy myself) and I am never easy on my nails and find that I have around 3-4 days without wear depending on my week. It is worth finding what works best for YOU. Some suggest adding a top coat, others 3 coats and depending on your daily need there should be a routine that works for you. I took the guidelines for the product and have no problems. If chips or wears a touch up. Try and see what is best for you after working with the company’s advice. Good Luck.

Posted by Kristina G. on March 20, 2017

So, I thought I’d share what I have learnt from about two years of using Acquarella.

1. Be prepared to touch up/replace your nail varnish frequently, like about every other day, before you commit to this.
2. They say you don’t need a topcoat. Lies. Use two coats of their Conditioner on top of your polish.
3. Wear rubber gloves to wash dishes, wash the car etc. Schedule your weekly swim for a day when nobody will care about the state of your nails.
4. Any colour labelled “translucent” (e.g. Lumen) you must wear over a coat of French White, unless you want people to think you’ve been scrawling on your nails with a highlighter pen.
5. If all of the above sounds like too much trouble, choose a colour similar to the natural colour of your nails (Quinceanara for me) and nobody will notice that it’s a bit chipped!

Am I making it all sound rather depressing? Seriously, there are major pluses to Acquarella. There is no smell (really – none) and your polish will dry almost immediately; as soon as you’ve finished the first coat it’s time to start applying the second. This stuff clings so stubbornly to my toenails it is still there a month (!) later and has to be removed with pads soaked in their varnish remover. No cancer-causing chemicals, naturally. And there are some cool colours here.

I recommend Acquarella – you may have to rethink your attitude to nail varnish but the results are genuinely worth it.

Posted by Susy Braidwood on January 28, 2017

Appreciate you sharing, great forum topic.Thanks Again. Want more. Leberman

Posted by WilliamAled on June 18, 2016

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