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Making it work - The system

We get many questions regarding "How do I use this properly?"  As much as following the instructions is important, it is essential to also have the correct tools and proper technique working together.  The most simple analogy is that of Good, Better and Best.


This would represent a way to just start out with basically a single Acquarella Polish, Remover and a Buffer Kit.  This is a great entry into the world of Acquarella, getting all the benefits of being completely safe with a low cost experience.  The wear is going to be reasonable but may be lacking depending on the situation (prior conventional nail polish usage, no buffing, etc).  There's room for improvement if wear or other considerations exist.


Better includes getting the Acquarella Conditioner and going through the First Time Use cycle denoted on the application instruction card with a thorough, first day buffing.  This is going to flush the nail plate of residual oils, and help get the person wearing it to really experience better adhesion.  The premise we like to repeat is that our product wears better the more that you wear it.  Think of this as the jump start to better wear.


Best represents optimizing both Better above with a perfect timing for application.  That perfect time for applying Acquarella is fifteen to twenty minutes before retiring in the evening. Technically speaking, this allows the polish to “cure” while you sleep for better wear by allowing the polish to cross-link properly without being disturbed by "life". Many people have found this to be very complementary with their schedule as they are now getting back prime-time daylight hours in exchange for night-time where it better fits their schedule.

As much as we recommend the Best with an Acquarella Polish, Remover, Conditioner and Buffer Kit as a system, the point is you can get benefits out of the product "right out of the gate" with the basics all the way up to following Best practice for optimizing wear. What else works that you have found to get the most out of the Acquarella system?



acquarella nail polish is the best nail polish that has ever been invented. I’m not kidding If you get a little on your finger, just saturate a q-tip with remover and gently remove your mistake. Love is the only word I can come up with. The colors are amazing. I threw all of my other brand nail polishes away. And, I haven’t even touched on how strong my nails are now that I’m using acquarella products. This is amazing and I’m not kidding.

Posted by Judith Pruss on May 01, 2015

I’ve discovered two things that improve my use of the Acquarella System. One is to use cotton squares, not cotton rounds, when removing the polish. The squares are much more durable and leave less cotton stuck to the nail. The second is to apply a high-quality jojoba oil to the nails right before applying polish. Just a few drops on a cotton square is enough for all ten nails and seems to dramatically improve wear.

Posted by Charlene on July 29, 2014

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