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Making it work - The system

We get many questions regarding "How do I use this properly?"  As much as following the instructions is important, it is essential to also have the correct tools and proper technique working together.  The most simple analogy is that of Good, Better and Best. Good This would represent a way to just start out with basically a single Acquarella Polish, Remover and a Buffer Kit.  This is a great entry into the world of Acquarella, getting all the benefits of being completely safe with a low cost experience.  The wear is going to be reasonable but may be lacking depending..  - Read More

Beginning with nothing

Simply put - It's about time.  We've been pondering for a while how to go live with a place that isn't some hokey, bolted-on Wordpress blog to shamelessly pump our product.  There are a lot of neat things, both about our nail polish products and how to use them, but there are many more interesting stories about what it does for people.  We will focus on both here at the Acquarella inspired version of the water cooler.Making something worthwhile to read is important so we would like to hear your feedback on topics and people you would like as guests..  - Read More

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