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Do I have to use stinky conventional nail polish?Even in 2022, sometimes less is more and sometimes nothing gets you everything. A sound philosophy, if you ask us. Most people want a fantastic way of coloring their nails without all the toxic chemicals, logistical problems, and time constraints of a conventional nail polish. That is a lot of ugly baggage – Acquarella has none of that.  

What makes old school polish icky

Conventional nail polishes were originally derived from automotive paint in the early twentieth century. Last time we checked, you are not a car. It was not until over a decade ago people began to think twice about Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP and a host of other nasty chemicals being in their nail polish. The recent advent of 3-Free, 5-Free and now 7-Free polishes still does not solve the problem or make them “safe.” They still stink, still can be lit on fire, and still cause nail, skin and other health issues.

Dealing with the icky

A whole cottage industry exists to mitigate the negative side effects of the traditional solvent based nail polish ecosystem. Think about it – Acetone removers contain oils and emollients to keep your nails from cracking, and embittering agents to keep kids from drinking them. Nail strengtheners and hardeners are used to deal with remover and polish abuse. There are cuticle removers, drying drops, thinning drops - the list goes on and on. Conventional nail polish is time consuming and constraining, painfully smelly and not friendly to apply around others.

Enter the "nothing" of Acquarella

Acquarella is a clean slate. With water as our solvent and an engineered safe co-polymer structure, we have nothing in common with the legacy that is conventional nail polish. Acquarella is virtually odorless, dries quickly, has excellent shine and wear, without a base or top coat, and these are only some of the benefits of this amazing nail polish technology.

In Chapter 2, learn why everything is better with nothing.

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