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There is so much about Acquarella to share, we made a special section for comparison information and details for those seeking to use our product with Wudu (below).

How Does Acquarella Compare

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words, and we agree. Below are two of our popular comparison sheets for reviewing both Acquarella versus conventional nail polishes and Acquarella versus water-based alternatives.


Water Based

Acquarella & Wudu

When we started, making a breathable nail polish was desired as no one wanted to have the yellowing and discoloration associated with conventional products.  Our water-based formula is not only breathable, which allows for a healthier nail, but it is also water permeable without being a "peel-off." The information provided is for interpretation and guideline for fitness of use with Wudu.  We highly recommend reading the Acquarella Statement on Wudu and a Letter of Compatibility from Islamic Lifestyle Solutions of South Africa.

Instructions for using Acquarella with Wudu

Contrary to claims otherwise, it takes time for a permeable film to allow air and water to pass through its surface.  How long does it take?

Short term water exposure under four minutes, the answer is no. The time required to have full permeability, detectable to the human eye is greater than four minutes of full contact (soaking, etc).

Longer term water exposure four minutes or more and the answer is yes. Full permeability of with water contact is detectable/realized when the polish loses its "shine". When the polish has lost its "shine", it has absorbed water into the polymer matrix. The absorption of surface water on the polish film is like a sponge, where the water distributes to the polymer film side adhering to the nail plate. After such time as the water leaves the polymer matrix either through absorption into the body or evaporation, the "shine" will return to the surface of the nail polish. The polish may even change shade or opacity when absorbing water relative to how long after the initial application of the nail polish. Time required for full contact may be shortened by raising the temperature of water. This effect is most prominent within the first week of wearing the polish, after which time the polish takes longer to absorb water. We recommend weekly change cycles (or more frequent) to facilitate lower time for absorption.  This effect is also polish thickness dependent, therefore we recommended two coats to achieve the times indicated.

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