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Acquarella Travel Remover

by Acquarella
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Why Acquarella Travel Remover and not conventional?

Because, oil and water don’t mix. Conventional removers use oils and emollients to compensate for the extreme drying of Acetone or other solvents. Those same oils and emollients hinder the binding properties of our nail polish.  Our new soy based formula will remove BOTH conventional and Acquarella nail polishes, and rinse clean with water for better adhesion.

This smaller size is perfect for taking Acquarella on the go. It is enough remover to do many sets of polish changes yet small enough to be TSA compliant when you fly.

What Acquarella Remover does NOT contain:
  • Acetone, Acetonitrile, Methyl Acetate or other petrochemical solvents!
  • Oils, Emollients or Humectants (e.g. Lanolin, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, etc)
  • Gluten, Camphor, or Fragrances
  • Nothing to dry or crack nails or cuticles from use
  • Free of animal products - Vegan
Acquarella Remover Warning
Important Usage Notice

Our new Acquarella Remover is now designed to remove BOTH Acquarella and conventional nail polish products. 

Detailed Formula Information

Acquarella Remover is a safe, proprietary combination of soy derived long-chain fatty acid methyl esters and a plant derived surfactant to remove stubborn nail polish. These two elements are design to be miscible with water, non-evaporative, non-comedogenic to skin and anti-oxidant by nature.


Dimethyl Glutarate (1119-40-0), Dimethyl Adipate (627-93-0), Methyl Soyate (67784-80-9), Polyoxyethylene Castor Oil (61791-12-6). Product contains no hazardous components under current OSHA definitions and does not contain any substances known to the state of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm. European Union: None of the components of this product are listed in Annexes II, III of Directive 2008/42/EC or 76/768/EEC.

Contents by Volume

Travel: 90 ml / 3.0 fl. oz.
Large: 200 ml / 6.75 fl. oz.


Travel: 4.2 x 1.6 inches
Large: 6.4 x 1.75 inches

If you don’t find the information you are looking for, just email us at and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Our Remover works differently

Acquarella Remover is a plant based remover that works just a little different than strong solvents to remove Acquarella and conventional nail products. Given our system of products is designed to work together, we put the following information together to help you get the most out of using the Remover.

Instructions and FAQ

This doesn't work like I'm used to - How can I make this easier?
First, do not kill yourself scrubbing – there is a better way! Acquarella Nail Polish Remover is different in how it removes the nail polish. It breaks the polymer cross-linking of the nail polish film. Working with the Remover is even easier with our new formula. The following is best practice on removal with some recommendations using Acquarella Remover with our Nail Polish or Conditioner that greatly help the process:

  1. Use cotton rounds/pads only, not balls or rope.
  2. Pre-apply Remover to all nails with the round/pad and allow the Remover to “soak in” to the polish surface for at least a minute, rubbing occasionally. Additionally, you can pre-apply in combination with your bath or shower for greater efficacy.
  3. With the Remover already working, use the pad to remove a majority of the nail polish alternating nails occasionally. Do not rub all the polish off one nail at one time.
  4. When a majority of nail polish is off the nail, using an orange stick put focused pressure on stubborn polish while under running water to assist removal. For toes, doing this in the shower or at the end of a bath will achieve the same effect. The focused pressure with water being present helps the film absorb, expand and deteriorate for easier removal.
Need even faster removal? Try this:
  • Remove polish after your bath or shower – Acquarella polish does absorb water and the warmer it is, the better the absorption will loosen the polish structure.
  • Use the orange stick from the Buffer Kit on a pad (with some Acquarella Remover, not soaking) to apply direct and concentrated pressure on nail around cuticles, edges with the pad providing Remover to assist.

Always rinse hands and feet after use to remove Acquarella Remover residue. While rinsing with warm, clean water only you may even hear them “squeak” when rubbing. Assuming you started with clean hands, there is no need to further wash with other soaps, etc. as they may “coat” the nails with something incompatible with an application of Acquarella Nail Polish. Your goal is “squeaky clean” and dried nails.
Any further tips, tricks or hints – feel free to contact us and we can help your specific situation.

Is it harder to remove Acquarella nail polish the longer I wear it?
Absolutely. The polish becomes more cross-linked the longer you wear the polish, which makes it even more difficult to remove weeks down the road. In these cases, we highly recommend our “faster removal” suggestions above to assist with stubborn polish.

Can conventional nail polish remover be used to remove Acquarella Nail Polish?
Well, it can but that defeats the whole reason you are using Acquarella! With our new soy based remover that can remove both water based and conventional nail polishes, there's no reason to use any old fashioned removers with fumes or nasty odors. Most, if not all other conventional removers, still have petrochemical solvents, oils and other emollients that are incompatible with our products and will hinder adhesion of our polish. Remember, oil and water don’t mix.

How do I clean up spills of Acquarella Nail Polish with your Remover?
Stay calm - the main focus is in keeping the polish from drying by saturating the spill with water, then blotting the affected area for removal. Remover is actually a last-step effort for a spill that has been caught in time for better absorbency of colorant. Remember, when it dries, removal is orders of magnitude more difficult and will require use of our Remover or more volatile solvents.  Be advised, our new formulation may damage plastics and other surfaces.  Use caution and test on small areas to determine suitability in removal.

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