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There is a big gap between those that would like to wear nail polish and those that do. Why is that? It’s because traditional nail polish contains harmful chemicals, even 5-Free or 7-Free formulations, that make it difficult, if not impossible, for many people to use.

Acquarella comes to the rescue! Our unique water-based, non-toxic formula solves all the problems of a traditional nail polish, because of all the things Acquarella is missing from square one (review “Everything is better with nothing” to get a handle on it.)

When there is nothing you don’t want, and everything you do, the possibilities become endless for anyone who has struggled to use nail polish or are just searching for an better alternative. Who? Let’s see:

Allergy & Chemical Sensitivities

Many allergy sufferers cannot handle the offensive odors of traditional nail polish, much less the toxic chemicals they contain touching their skin and nails. Acquarella’s base solvent is water which eliminates these problems. In almost ten years, we can count on two hands the number of documented allergy cases. That is impressive!


When you have asthma, sometimes breathing can be really hard. Let’s not make it harder. In comes Acquarella, with an almost non-existent smell to make it completely possible, if not enjoyable, for you to indulge in fabulous nails. No more masks and no more wheezing. Just beautiful, healthy, breathing nails all without the inhaler.


Conventional nail polish and remover are completely off limits for anyone in a treatment process or in remission from cancer. The reason is that the impact of the chemicals absorbed into the skin and nails place significant burdens on already taxed organs like the liver. Acquarella opens doors and provides a way to enhance your beauty and dignity without any nasty chemicals or side effects along the way.


Hormone changes, swollen ankles, and a super sense of smell are all things that come with pregnancy. Walking by a nail salon can overwhelm an already overactive nose, but with Acquarella there is nothing to smell. Then there is the worry of not doing harm to the baby. The toxic chemicals in conventional nail polish leech through your nail bed and into your system and therefore into the baby as well, no one wants that. With Acquarella there is nothing to stress about because our non-toxic formula is safe for both you and your little one.

Environmentally Conscious

Ever been called a “hippy”? It’s OK, we have been too and actually we like it. It should be common sense that the products used on our bodies meet the same high standard as the food we put in them. Beauty products should not hurt, they should not burn and they should not be something that you have to classify as a Hazardous Material (HAZMAT). Conventional nail polish is HAZMAT! The EPA does not want the toxic chemicals leeching into the ground or air, why would you want them leeching into your body? Acquarella is non-toxic, non-HAZMAT and non-flammable; everything a hippy nail polish should be.

Children and Teens

It is no surprise to anyone that children put their fingers in their mouths, so why would we want to cover their nails in toxic chemicals? Acquarella is so safe you can use it on the youngest child and you could even drink it, if you wanted to (although we are sure it is not very delicious). Acquarella also comes in a wide range of colors to suit toddlers to teens and beyond.

Wudu / Permeable

Since conventional nail polish’s birthplace is from automotive paint, it was never intended to “breath” or pass moisture. Breathability comes naturally with Acquarella. Our water-based formula is not only breathable, which allows for a healthier nail, but it is also water permeable without being a "peel-off." Learn more about making it work for your Wudu.

You are invited!

Acquarella makes nail polish available to everyone that it wasn’t reaching before. We meant to do that. Take the next step, find out for yourself. Create your own version of nothing by experiencing the Acquarella system, with its nail conditioner, polishes and remover, and find out how much you gain. You gain everything.

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