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Imagine what you can do and where you can go with the freedom of nothing!
Having freedom encompasses:

  • No smells and odors
  • No long dry times
  • No toxicity
  • No adverse nail and cuticle impact

And the list goes on... Think about how much time, money and worry is wasted dealing with all of these problems! See what we mean.

Save your nose

Ever been on a plane and someone opened a conventional nail polish? How about opening one around a loved one, pet or even yourself only to be accosted by the foul stench of petrochemical solvents? Your nose is a sensitive chemical detector and by having a virtually odorless technology like Acquarella, you can take it with you literally wherever without a soul around you knowing you’re painting your nails.

  • In your cubicle? No problem!
  • On an airplane? You betcha!
  • While you’re in labor at the hospital? Yes, if you aren't too far along...
  • In a cab? Sure thing, if you have steady hand.

You get the idea. Nowhere is off limits with Acquarella.

Get your time back!

How much time do you lose waiting for your polish to dry? Sure, there’s drying drops (more chemicals) or drying stations (requiring a professional), but that’s not really solving the problem. With Acquarella, long dry times are a thing of the past. Our polish dries to the touch in 5-10 minutes, getting you back to what you need to do – enjoying life. Not only is it inherently faster, it does not require you to block time out of your prime-time daylight hours. As a best practice, we even recommend you paint it right before you go to bed!

What is in this stuff anyway?

When you start with a foundation of water as the solvent, Acquarella is designed ground up to be the safest nail polish around. Many people who have avoided nail color all together can use Acquarella with confidence that they are not being exposed to petrochemical solvents and questionable ingredients. When you learn more about what goes on your body, and then ultimately into it, putting products on your nails that are toxic and flammable is not a viable option. Acquarella is the answer to cliché free, worry free color.

In Chapter 3, find out who can now wear nail polish.

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